Who are we?


We Are

a Capoeira group with chapters in Brazil, Australia, Sweden and Finland which forms a part of the global capoeira group Cordão De Ouro, led and founded by Mestre Suassuna. Our branch, Volta Por Cima, is led by Mestre Eurico.

Our Story

Volta por cima was founded by Mestre Eurico in Brasília, Brazil, in 2002 as an initiative to use capoeira as a tool for social inclusion. Today the group has chapters in Brazil, Australia, Sweden and Finland. The group’s approach emphasises principles, techniques and playfulness in capoeira, as well as the use of capoeira as an educational tool for personal and community development.

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Cordão de ouro was founded in 1967 in São Paulo by Mestre Suassuna and Mestre Brasília. Today it is one of the biggest groups in the world and is well known for its very technical style of the capoeira game called miudinho.


Our Teachers:

Mestre Eurico

Mestre Ely

Contra-Mestre Obelix

Professora Erika

Instrutor Baqueta

Instrutor Tião

Instrutor Sapão

Monitora Rosa

Monitor Peter