What is Capoeira?


Capoeira is an afro-brazilian martial art with strong influences from dance, acrobatics, and music. It was born in Brazil from the mixture of many different practices from Africa and native Brazilians.

Today it has spread across the world with millions of practitioners.

Capoeira works all your muscles in a versatile way making you stronger and more flexible. Key components of capoeira are improvisation and interaction between two practitioners.


’Capoeira is the fight of dancers. It is the dance of the gladiators. It is a comrades’ duel. It is a game, it is a dance, it is a perfect symbiotic-dispute between strength and rhythm, poetry and agility. Unique in the sense that the movements are ruled by the chanting.

It is rhythm subduing strength, melody subduing violence, it is the sublimation of antagonisms. In Capoeira, the contenders are not adversaries, they are ‘comrades’. They do not fight, they pretend to fight. They seek ingeniously to deliver the artistic vision of a combat. Beyond the competition spirit, there is in them a sense of beauty.

The capoeirista is an artist, an athlete, a player and a poet.’

(Dias Gomes, Brazilian playwright; translation from Brazilian Portoguese by Mestre Eurico Vianna)